Opera and Class…

Meryl Streep deserves an Academy Award for her portrayal of Florence Foster Jenkins and come to think of it, so does Hugh Grant as her loyal assistant. This movie had everything I enjoy. What this movie doesn’t have is explosions, killing and breasts. I won’t ruin the story for you but it’s about one woman’s love of music… Let’s just leave it at that.

Florence Foster Jenkins was a socialite who helped keep the New York Opera solvent in the early 20th Century in turn, the New York music world overlooked her inability to sing. There are a few scenes that are truly classic, one is when the young piano player realizes she can’t sing. Just the look in his face is truly memorable.

Hugh Grant, St Clair, was her somewhat faithful assistant who sticks by her thru thick and thin. Here’s something interesting, potato salad was a big deal in the early 20th Century, it was served at her elegant dinners from golden bowls after being made in a pink bathtub in her mansion… If you’re looking for violence and sex, this one isn’t for you: if you want witty dialogue and characters you care about don’t miss this one. 

As the movie proceeds, you get an insight into a woman living in her own reality. My God, as it goes on, it gets better. Maybe her reality was mis-shapedq by her mis-treated disease of her youth. I guess I’m a nerd or something because I knew all of the operatic songs she sang… This too will pass

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