Day Seven Without Someone I Loved…

Last night I got back to the RV and said to myself, “You’re alone here and he won’t be scratching at the door to be let in.” I suppose they will be calling me to pick up his remains in the next few days. I know this sounds weird but only a few beings have understood Juan Guerra and Toonce was one of them.

This morning, Ed extended his condolences for my loss and so did John, my supervisor. John came up to me and said, “Hey Big Guy, I know you were close to your cat. Sorry for your loss.” I remember when in 1991 my mother passed away, I was at work the very next day and when my father died, I didn’t skip a beat…

The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company offer grievance leave but I know they would have approved this leave. This is the first time I would have actually used it… In five days I’ll be heading back to New Jersey to see my smiling baby boy and that alone is keeping me going… this too will pass

9 thoughts on “Day Seven Without Someone I Loved…

  1. One day at a time my friend, one day at a time. It will come and go as the waves on a beach, and you will feel each wave. I have suffered it also, and I am glad I still feel the emotions of love for those furry family members now gone. Their memories comfort me. It reminds me to love even more the newer furry family members who have come into my life. Be well as possible. Hugs


  2. Having been in your shoes, I totally get your grief. I totally fell apart when my cat, Mouse, died. I won’t do my usual detailed reenactment but know I sit here with a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. It must be even harder for you because it was just the two of you. I have loved hearing about Toonce and I, too, shall miss him.


  3. Coming home to the Firewood Temple without his bright little beacons on the dark won’t be the same. I’m glad your work colleagues understand.
    More home renovations and human growth hormone baby formula will help….

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