Running or Facing It…

I could have easily stayed where I slept last night, Best Western gave me a real nice room for being a Diamond Select Member. I helped someone who needed help earlier in the year by putting them up at a Best Western and just maybe cosmic payback gave me a place to stay when I needed it. 

I drove down the steep gravel road to the RV, I had turned all the lights off to conserve Rob’s power usage and now that Toonce is no longer here, it doesn’t matter anymore. I don’t mind showing up to a dark cave, I had left the lights on for my friend. As I opened the door a scent of putrid cat yums and a slightly used litter filled my nose. Five days of yums rotting in a bowl doesn’t smell pleasant. 

I called out to Toonce, “I miss your face buddy!” The silence was deafening. In a few days they will call me to retrieve Mr. Toonce’s ashes. I will then let them come to where he liked to be, here at The Firewood Temple. I was telling Rob, “You know I can’t wait to start cutting firewood. Toonce used to watch me silently yet keep me company. What a good friend Tooncie was! This too will pass

3 thoughts on “Running or Facing It…

  1. He was a wonderful friend. A best friend. A loving friend. He lives in your heart now, safe and snug. He will never leave you. I have all my cats there too, especially Pasa. That’s the most we can hope for in a world that constantly rips things away from us.

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