Steve Bannon? Is The Orange One Serious?

When I heard Trump had put this Neo-Nazi, and let’s just call him what he is, on the White House staff, I knew this would all end in disaster but now we know who is running the show and it isn’t Trump. You see, all Mr. Bannon must say to get his way is, you’re looking good Mr. President and he’ll have his pet narcissist eating right out of his hand. 

Steve Bannon isn’t a moron but he for sure is an anti-Semite. He had said to his ex-wife he didn’t want his kids around Jewish children because they whine too much. I’ve had four children and guess what, all tired children whine. Wait, there’s more to Mr. Bannon. He was a leader of the Alt-Right Movement which White Supremisist Leader David Duke said of him, “Finally, a man who holds our values to his heart!” 

The question is, will Mr. Bannon be Trump’s Martin Bormann? We can only wait and see. At some point Bannon might be tried in absentia for crimes against humanity. When things got started in 1933, I’m sure Mr. Bormann never thought he would be running for his life like a filthy little rata he was. It’s not going to pass fast enough but it will pass

3 thoughts on “Steve Bannon? Is The Orange One Serious?

  1. It is so strange to see tRump ignore all precedent, to have no shame about what he is doing. tRump seems to not care what he is doing is not legal and at the same time he is so thin skinned to go into a rage at the least insult. You are correct about Bannon getting his way, and I think tRump doesn’t even see it as he doesn’t want to really do the work. tRump is very happy to have Bannon do the real work and be his representative in everything. Bannon on the other hand has his own agenda. He wants to be able to push his bigoted views on to the whole country. Bannon wants to drag the entire country back into the sewer of hate. Bannon seems to not learn from history as every country that has ever tried to hold a one race superiority and purity has failed miserably. Good night. Hugs


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