Biscuit’s Nose…

Biscuit was a big black Labrador. He got big by my father feeding him pork chops and other meat items. I would say, “Papa, you shouldn’t be feeding him that stuff!” In Spanish he would say, “You don’t know what you’re talking about Cuauhte! Dogs need carne.” Yes, that’s short for my middle name, Cuauhtemoc… Anyway, Biscuit would eat whole chickens, six pork sausages and a couple of steaks at one sitting.

Unfortunately, Toonce barely could tolerate that dog living in the same house. The two of them had a cat-dog agreement, “You keep your wet nose away from me and I won’t claw it to shreds.” The problem was, Biscuit enjoyed sniffing things such as cats. Trust me, Mr. Toonce wasn’t going to have anything to do with a dog’s nose in his face. One day, Biscuit wanted to check out Some delicious smelling food while Mr. Toonce was dining on it and Toonce wasn’t in any mood for that and a paw full of claws to the nose proved that.

That evening, Biscuit learned never to bother Toonce while he was busy eating or anytime come to think of it. I know this sounds weird but after that little skirmish, Biscuit had total respect for the power of the claw. When Biscuit  left, Toonce meowed, “I barely put up with that guy.” This too will pass

2 thoughts on “Biscuit’s Nose…

  1. Not much unlike many a human relationship as well, huh?! “Keep out of my business or else.” But, hopefully, there comes a time of agreement when one respects the other….or not. Some relationships just are not meant to be at all. It may take a “claw” experience to find out for sure. Ouch.


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