Only In Oakland…

There she sat and I couldn’t believe my eyes, the little old white haired grandma smoking a big doobie. What made me laugh was she was in a black and red polyester pant suit and using a cane. I had been kneeling down at the phone box when the aroma of Kush filled the air. I stood up and looked around and there she was fumbling with a cigarette pack. 

She took a few puffs and went on her way. The service agent in Ohio couldn’t believe it when I told him what had experienced and we both laughed. I told him, “Hey it’s California. The last bastion of free thinking.” He must have been a Trump Trooper because he gave me a snippy answer and hung up quickly.

I wonder if the little old lady on that bench voted for the fascist demagogue now in power. I know without a doubt she voted yes on the legalization of marijuana this last November. I find it interesting already the billboards are popping up around town. I’m counting the hours to head back to New Jersey. This too will pass

3 thoughts on “Only In Oakland…

  1. Ah, the last bastion of free thinking?! Once we secede and become independent, we will glow for sure. Texas may follow suit, but that “country” will be more fascist that the current administration.

    Piedmont Theatre, est 1917, is my favorite theater.

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  2. Hard to pull away. You need to cover the loss of all that federal money for things like the firepeople, cops, etc. They threatened Chicago because we refused to give up any immigrants. I was touch and go for a bit, with them threatening to stop all funds but we stood strong, since we are a sanctuary city and it just went away. Our mayor publicly announced that people were safe here and that was that. But ceding sounds wonderful. I hope we follow suit, either that or everyone will be moving to cA…well, everyone who believes in equality, freedom and truth, I mean.

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