Toonce Knew It Was Time…

Toonce looked as sad as I did. I boarded the plane that evening and had tears in my eyes. As of right this moment I feel I can never have another cat in my life… This too will pass

10 thoughts on “Toonce Knew It Was Time…

  1. Juan, when my Sheba died, I said I would never get another dog. Their live-spans are too short and it hurts so much when they go to the Rainbow bridge. About 2 months later I thought that because their live-spans are shorter than humans, they deserve the best, loving life possible. Seven months after that, I adopted a 7 week old puppy. She’ll be 7 years old this coming July.

    It’s hard thinking when we are hurting but give yourself time. You need time to grieve — but never say never. One day, there might a cat that needs you.

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  2. Juan, when the human lost the kat she had before me, she was heartbroken and cried fur weeks. She also thought she could never have another kat.

    Thank Heavens, that her furiend found me and my abandoned sisters and brother hiding under a bush at a playground – they were trying to find homes fur me and my sisters with no luck – then they heard she had lost her baby that she’d had for years and they kept after her to at least come look at us.

    She resisted fur awhile because she was still hurting too much. But when she heard that her furiend was about to take us to the pound, she decided to take a look fur our sake.

    I’m so glad she did because I feel in love with her right away and made it clear she was mine. Because she chose me, MY life was saved and I’ve been loved like I never thought possible – and, her furiend decided to keep my sisters and brother herself!

    As bad as it hurts right now, you will heal over time – and you have so much love to give to another kat that needs you! Don’t be afraid to love again. You could make the difference for some kitty between a happy life of being loved and cherished, and cared for….or being neglected and hungry.

    You have too much love to give!πŸ’™

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      • You’re welcome deer furiend! And let me also remind you that there are proven health benefits to being owned by a kat! And Toonces misses you too – but he wants you to be happy and to have the love of a feline in your life – so you can heal! I suspect he just may send you one! πŸ’™

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