Totally Hot Wires…

This utility pole is nicknamed a “White Diamond.” They’re a product of our friendly neighbors to the north where they have a lot of 100 foot tall trees. Ed called me this afternoon and said, “Hey Juanito! You willing to help me run a drop from a pole across a busy street?” I didn’t want to do anything but he always helps me when I call him for help, so I agreed.

I pulled Fred up to the intersection where rows and rows of semi’s with containers were waiting to be loaded onto a departing container ship. Ed came up to me and said, “We need a five pair drop across the street.” I replied, “Ed we need a flagging crew to stop traffic! This is suicide but it’s a good day to die I guess.” We both laughed.

I boomed up to the pole and as I reached my height limit, I felt my hair stand up. Knowing what that meant, I took out my high voltage detector. 20 feet below the high voltage wires my indicator started to blink red rapidly… I quickly returned to the ground. The service wires above me weren’t just 12,000 volts with 500 amps, no they were 56,000 with 1000 amps. 12K will finish you instantly, I am sure 56K would vaporize you five times faster… This too will pass

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