Baby Rabies by Graco 

Now I remember why Roberta and I split in 1991, she has no sense of humor. Chris and I just thought up our newest fictional baby product to ask for, Baby Rabies Tester and a self administered vaccine. It will help parents when a teething baby accidentally bites mommy or daddy… Again this product is only sold in California. 

I know what I’ll hear, “There’s nothing funny about babies having rabies and you aren’t funny. You just look stupid. You aren’t going to embarrass me and Eleina.” First of all, just the fact there’s a store called Buy Buy Baby would be the perfect place to ask for such a thing; and two, I’m not a moron. My mother used to say, “Dear, you’re smart and don’t let ruffians and near do wells tell you otherwise and soon you’ll stop wetting your pants.” I eventually did, it took twenty years.

Roberta flys in on Saturday morning and I on Sunday morning. I’m going to enjoy my time with Hunter but if he bites me, I’ll have a beta Baby Rabies Tester by my side! I can hear it now, “There’s nothing funny about Hunter having rabies! Stop it!” This too will pass

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