Resist The Provocateur…

Two hours prior to the riot at the Cal Berkeley campus last night, I sat quietly watching a lot of people heading onto Sproul Plaza. I had just repaired a business line at a drug store across from the university and waited for the clock to run out on my shift. It was only later I heard a protest against Alt-Right Leader Milo Yiannopolous had happened. 

I truly glad young people are standing up to Trump’s Ministry of Alternative Facts. Mr. Yiannopoulous is a white supremacist who spouts his bigotry and xenophobic trash… I guess his small audience had been dumbed down so badly that they will believe anything he says…

California is the last sanctuary of the open minded and free thinkers. We don’t want that human piece of waste spreading his hate and lies here and it may play well to the uneducated masses. I drove by the store I had fixed the line at and it was closed and boarded up. Sometimes you need to break a few eggs to make an omelette. This too will pass

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