If I Was An Alcoholic I’d Be On A Binge…

Matthew was once again beaten to a pulp in general population per his probation officer. The nice probation officer has been in contact with Roberta and is unofficially been trying to get him help. Last week the court deemed Matt to be severely ill yet it’s almost impossible for them to get him help. If he was solely using drugs or alcohol they could send him to a rehab facility but for some reason their hands are tied…

First Toonce, now this horrible news about Matt. For some reason, the court can’t force him into a psychiatric facility. Now Roberta is going to try to get him into a private facility and if that fails, he must go to a rescue mission. The problem with that is he’s been asked to leave a couple of those places… No one can force him to take medicine either and that’s what I find amazing. I guess he has to kill someone to be put on meds.

This will only end up bad and without a doubt he’s a threat to himself and others. When he’s not in a manic phrase, he’s docile and sleepy but in a bad manic episode I fear to be around him. I must give it to Roberta, she’s trying to help Matt the best she can. She called me and told me of his dismal situation. At the end she said, “Matt turns 30 on February 16th and he’s lost.” I was standing in line at Starbucks and held back tears… This too will pass

6 thoughts on “If I Was An Alcoholic I’d Be On A Binge…

  1. Matt can be admitted to a psychiatric treatment facility, Juan. One that is on lock down. There are such facilities around. It would be intensive psychotherapy with monitoring of meds. Probably extremely expensive. If one is found, then a plan can be presented to the probation officer and probably then to the judge.

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  2. Hardly know what to say anymore. I hope he get help. Maybe his mom can do something. Also hope you’re okay. I know you’re holding it together because of your upcoming trip and a chance to see Hunter again. So sorry you’re going through all of this.


  3. He needs to go to San Diego’s CMH (County Mental Health) for another mandatory 72 hour hold, which can be extended once he is in. Call two places, the access and crisis line:
    Emphasize schizophrenic, beaten in prison, danger to self and others. Get the names of the people you talk to. Professionals are obligated to act when there is a danger to self or others and are liable if they don’t and you can hold them accountable.
    Next contact the San Diego Chapter of NAMI. The National Alliance of The Mentally Ill. Google San Diego Chapter for number. They are an advocacy organization composed of the mentally ill and they are wonderful and can help you and Matt.
    Ask the probation officer to contact CMH and request mandatory admission. Call Donovan and ask to talk to the mental health department again holding them accountable in terms of danger to self and others and being beaten in jail. What the hell are they doing to protect him?
    It just disgusts me to hear about this and I am so very sorry.
    You need to shake the cages of the keepers.

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