His Remains…

Apparently it takes 2 to 3 weeks to receive your loved one’s ashes back from the pet cremation place. I called yesterday afternoon and was told that as soon as they became available the vet receptionist would call me. I really loved Toonce, he was a great cat.

In fourteen hours, I head to SFO to fly back to see my big boy Hunter and company. Hopefully, the weather stays mild though I saw on the Weather Channel there might be freezing rain. That doesn’t sound fun to walk and drive around in. California doesn’t have such weather, yes we have snow but it’s up in The Sierras where it belongs. 

The truth is I have have nothing uplifting to write about. It’s as if I’m in a funk of sorts. I suppose it as part of getting past a loved one’s death. This too will pass

4 thoughts on “His Remains…

  1. Juan, the way I understand it, there are 2 different ways for cremation of pets. One way is to have them cremated with the remains of other pets or when the ashes of other pets are still in the crematory. That means we get the remains back sooner but it can contain the ashes of other pets as well. The other way is to cremate in a clean kiln so only ashes will be of our pet. That takes longer to get them back.

    I learned this in 2009 when my Sheba went to the Rainbow bridge and was happy when the vet’s office informed me.

    Of course, getting her ashes caused me to bawl all over again, but bringing her back home gave me a sense of closure. So, hang in there and know that love is eternal — we do handle the lost differently as time goes on. Toonce wants you happy.

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