Flight Delta 267

I needed to get out of the RV so I wouldn’t go mad. Until there’s no rain and darkness, it’s sort of a prison cell for me. I told Rob, “I can’t wait to cut firewood. March 1st hopefully.” He smiled. It’s raining again and thus I had to hike up the hill to the paved road. I called out to Toonce, “I’ll see you when I get back.” As if magically he’ll reappear… I know he won’t. 

The perfect parking lot is a free parking lot and I took advantage of the company garage. The BART ride was uneventful except for the homeless guy who went up and down the ten cars looking for spare change… The guy was a human wreak who had taken a load in his pants and smelled as such. As I was about to get off the train he came back thru the car.

I smiled and said, “You already asked me.” He replied, “I know but do you have any drugs on you like weed?” I shook my head and chuckled a reply, “Hey dude, you don’t need drugs. You need to be good to yourself. You’re wandering on a train with a load in your pants and I bet you don’t even know what day it is.” He flipped me off and yelled back, “I got PTSD asshole.” I guess that told me…

The BART train got me to the airport nine hours before my flight. The agent offered to get me on the 1pm flight to JFK and I took her up on it! I’ll arrive at 9:15 this evening and at the house by 11pm. My welcoming committee will greet me with, “Keep your voice down. Hunter is sleeping.” The next 10 days will be busy and I’ll get to be the father I wasn’t to Chris… This too will pass

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