This part of the world is made up of acronyms. Last night there was an accident on the L.I.E (Long Island Expressway) and another one on The R.F.K but I still made it to Clifton in record time from J.F.K. Hunter was asleep when I got here and as of now he hasn’t worn up yet. It’s so cold here this morning but twenty-eight degrees is cold for me, I’m a California boy.

I was asked to get some D (Dunkin) Donuts and I must say I’ve had better. I like their iced coffee with a lot of half and half in it. I really want to try Tim Horton’s Donuts but I don’t believe there are any stores down in the 48 states. 

Back to local acronyms, The G.W (George Washington) costs 16 dollars to get across, that’s obscene but once over it you can get on the G.S.P (Garden State Parkway). Next post I’ll tell you about roadways that should have acronyms but don’t. Weird I know… This too will pass

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