A Guy In Waste Management…

I know this sounds elitist but I truly do believe California is 10 years ahead of the country in thought and actions. In California we have blue recycle bins and green ones for garden clippings and a small brown one for landfill. Here there’s a black one for everything and a waste management corporation truck consists of Vinny Scarpuzio’s truck rolling thru two times weekly. 

God knows where that truck heads to when it fills up? Wasn’t Tony Soprano in the New Jersey waste management business? I believe he also fixed roads too because when The Sopranos ended, so did pothole fixing. I swear I saw a pothole that was so deep, it cast a shadow like a crater on the moon. I was on The 3 coming from JFK and a neon highway sign said, “Pothole Repair In Progress!” It was right then my left tire hit a Grand Canyon.
Yes, New Jersey is a land made up of characters from the past gangster movies. The real estate agent who handed me the house keys looked like Joe Carbone from Goodfellas. As Henry Hill once said, “When they found Carbone in that meat truck, it took two days to defrost him to do the autopsy on him.” Joey had the same hair style, a pinkie ring and a Cadillac. 

I better end this post and shut up because I know what happens when you “get out of line” you get whacked. I might end up in some landfill… Next time I’ll tell you about drinking establishments where it looks as if money drops are made there and guys get whacked and end up in the Passaic River… This too will pass

7 thoughts on “A Guy In Waste Management…

  1. Mr California 🙂
    For your information:In cold places, warm winters bring on an early pothole season. Freeze/thaw cycles are rough on roads making for rough driving. It’s the potholes in April/May that tell you if they fix them.

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