Down the street on Grove is a drinking establishment with a flickering neon sign that says “Bar.” It comes with a equally flickering martini glass and olive stick symbol. Personally, I’d be weary to go in the place. The neighbor on the left side is a Chinese take out place and on the other side is a pizza by the slice joint. As I waited from my shrimp in lobster sauce to be made, I waited out in front. 

On the bar door a flyer read, “Devils season tickets inside. Cash only!” Yeah, just what I want to do, go into a dark bar with cash in my pocket. Two guys were standing outside having a smoke. One said, “What brings you here?” I replied, “Just bought a house on Highview.” They both welcomed me and offered to buy me a beer. I thanked them but declined. I told them I don’t drink and they took no offense. The other guy said, “Where ya from?” “Northern California, Sonoma.” I said. They weren’t impressed, obviously they weren’t wine drinkers…

I pointed to the sign about the tickets and jokenly said, “If they were San Jose Sharks tickets I’d buy a couple.” I guess I should have really kept my mouth shut. They both in unison said, I won’t repeat it. In my mind I said, “Shut up and get your food Juan!” I replied, “Aren’t the Devils having a bad year?” Note To Self: Never talk Devils to guys who have been drinking. Now I like hockey but these guys love the sport. They had to remind me how The Sharks were beaten by The Penguins in the Stanley Cup and their hate for The Rangers and Islanders. 

I tried to ask them about how the fans line up for the Islanders and Rangers versus the Devils but they had to get back to the Super Bowl. Of course, when they opened the door that disgusting whiff of nasty spilled alcohol wafted out. I’ve had to work in so many bars with their wet sticky floors and here’s a secret, the roaches always live in the phone jack behind the bar… Yuck! I truly hate bars. This too will pass

2 thoughts on “Bar…

  1. Two things. One…never go into bars. Two….never discuss sports. I didn’t even know the Super Bowl was being played last night. Hell, I don’t even know who was playing.
    And the roaches? Don’t you know they’re a good source of protein? LOLOL

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