Frosty’s Nightmare…

The weather people say this frigid spring weather will end tonight. Chris said, “We got to get ice melter at Home Depot.” He then called me a moron for not knowing that the mysterious truck spraying water was actually ice melter too. While I was getting some paint for Hunter’s room, Chris went to get a sack of salt. He didn’t notice the brand and we both laughed out loud at the check out counter…Every once in a while Chris walks by me and says, “Do you know what you’re doing?” I reply, “I’m a pulsating brain with pustules of knowledge about painting!” Meanwhile Roberta says, “Chris feeding into his stupidity and do you really need all this attention. You’re not funny!” Chris is upstairs sleeping and Roberta and Eleina went out to spend some of her money for them. I’m hearing my favorite songs on Apple Music and yes they are 20th Century tunes… Back to painting before she comes back and tells me to stop being a lay about or a worker shirker. Now I remember why we split up in 1991. This too will pass

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