It Follows Me Where I Go…

Earlier, I tried to capture snow flurries but it didn’t show up.) It was 2:15am when I got the call from that dreaded 619 area code number. I fumbled for the phone and in doing so I must have pressed decline. A few minute later again it went off, this time I pressed accept and reached for my wallet. After the two minutes of instructions by the stern sounding woman’s voice, there he was. “Hello dad it’s me Matthew.” As if I have multiple children incarcerated.

“Your mother and I are in New Jersey with Hunter. Are you okay?” He replied, “I’m just checking in. On the 23rd I’m getting out.” I told him that his mother was in contact with a parole officer who actually cared about his situation but really his main reason for calling was to have her put money on his books. He also asked if I could rent him an apartment in San Diego. When I declined, he became agitated and loud. 

I quietly said, “Matt. I love you but we have been trying to get you the help you need. Please reach for the life ring.” He replied, “You just make sure you tell mom to put that money on my books!” He abruptly hung up. If I had had blood pressure pills, that would have been the perfect time to have popped a few in my mouth so as not to collapse, instead I dropped to the floor and sat there until my pulse went down. I literally crawled from the kitchen to the livingroom and climbed onto the air mattress. 

A truck with yellow flashing light just sprayed water on the street out in front. Why does the Clifton streets department want to make the road slippery? This is such a foreign land and by the way, all the trees are now sticks and twigs. I find it funny how the weather people talk about this being a mild winter so far. It’s totally freezing here. Now that same truck is spreading water in the other direction. Go figure? It’s a dump truck with a big plastic water tank… This too will pass

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