Are You Serious?

If this is a wintery mix then I don’t like wintery mixes. I wanted to go to Park and Shop or was it Stop and Shop this morning to get some breakfast for the family. I walk out the door and nearly slip down the front stairs, I think I wrenched my shoulder hanging on the handrail. 

It’s lightly raining and I can handle it and then all of a sudden there’s a blizzard. A second later it’s raining and my windshield wipers are frozen. I pull over and turn the heater full blast, it was at that moment Chris calls and says, “Hey pick me up at the Allwood Transit Center.” I replied, “Chris if I can get there.” 

How in the world can it be raining and then snowing. Thursday they are saying a real storm with ice is coming. I’ll be taking Roberta back to Newark Airport in that mess. In California it rains a warm soothing rain, here it’s cold and raining. It’s totally weird the snow hits the windshield and sticks but not on the ground… This too will pass

14 thoughts on “Are You Serious?

  1. Welcome to the Northeast of this already great country. That’s why the Cali and other tourists should not venture there in Winter. It’s bad enough that some of the locals can’t maneuver around the weather, let alone the visitors. Watch yourself!

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  2. That sounds exactly like the weather we’ve been having in Oregon! It’ll freeze the whiskers right off a kat – be extra careful!!

    Ps-(we love ya dude)!๐Ÿ˜บ

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  3. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am planning moving back north from sunny Florida. I have been down here since 1994 and I miss the seasons, the snow, even the ice. I know it seems nuts to some people, but that is me. Life is an adventure, I try to live it that way. Hugs


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