Reading To Hunter…

Hunter brought his favorite books to me and climbed up onto his grandpa and said, “Hug Hug!” That was his way of saying, “Read to me!” Our first book had a happy mouse who liked to tell his friends goodnight. We both picked out all his friends. Next up was the caring giraffe who helped his friends cross a jungle river. It was quite touching and we both hoped for a sequel, alright he didn’t but I did…

All afternoon grandma had her turn taking care of Hunter while Chris, Elena and I desperately tried to finish moving them from the old ratty apartment. They were happy to leave behind the constant 3am blasting music and the domestic violence in the other apartments on all sides. Here he can read books and play Duplo’s to his heart’s content. 

When I was young I thought reading to my sons was a burden. I think a good children’s book would be “Hunter’s Grandpa Finally Understands What Matters!” This too will pass

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