A Snow Day!

That’s a lot of snow! Right now it’s 10 inches deep and growing. The street department snow plows are going up and down the street. I guess that’s what we get for our 13,000 dollars in property taxes. I went outside and followed the lead of another neighbor and began to shovel snow. I lasted about 5 minutes when I said, “This is too hard! Screw this!” A guy with a mini snowblower happened to come by on his way to some where and he was forty dollars richer for 10 minutes of work! This too will pass 

8 thoughts on “A Snow Day!

  1. 🙂 and you thought it was too warm the day before for snow today. I agree needs snow angels. That is a lot of property tax. I know it has been along time since I have lived in New England but my property tax was not even close to that. As a kid and young man I often shoveled and blew snow out of driveways and walks. I once in the winter of 1993-1994 had to have a bucket loader come in and take the snow banks down and clean the driveway. The snow banks were so high that my snowblower , one of the biggest I could buy back then, wouldn’t throw the snow high enough. That was when I thought of Florida. Hugs


  2. I’m working my way backwards with your posts (I’m always so behind), but I’ve sent each and every one of to my wife for her to read. Occasionally she has this insane desire to move us back to Michigan (from our home in Florida). That will never happen, but you have no idea the public service you’re doing for me right now. – Marty

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