It’s Snowy and Cold…

There are a few things I’ve learned living. The first thing is, it’s cold here and when I say cold I mean it’s freezing. The city snowplows came by and cleared the street but with that action they shoved the snow to the curb. The plow also compacted the pile and when I backed out, I became totally and completely stuck in that pile.

After hearing Chris telling  me I was a moron for trying to back thru the cold concrete, it took Chris and I twenty minutes to get the car unstuck. I have no warm gloves and no wonder people have heart attacks shoveling snow. I can’t believe how cold it is… This too will pass

25 thoughts on “It’s Snowy and Cold…

  1. Whenever we had a place up north we always had a 4×4 truck along with a second vehicle. Plus with a snow blower I only had to shovel the steps. We had an oil furnace and so we had to have a cleared path to the oil tank or they wouldn’t fill it. So I just used the snowblower and from the driveway right up the grass slope and to the fence we put around the tank. Nice wide cleared path . I recommend your son get a snowblower and a good size one. Hugs

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  2. We can’t get out of our driveways because the snow is solid and packed from the plows and a regular plow can’t do anything because it’s a solid wall of ice. You were looking forward to the snow…LOLOLOLOL I told you it would be icky. You should have moved the kids to CA and then you could see them all the time and it would be lovely weather. Why do you think so many of us hate winter? πŸ™‚ You’ll be home soon.


  3. I can believe it. It’s the thing I hated most about winter, bring frozen from November through much of April. Never warm enough. As for getting stuck in the plow pile, I once had to call AAA to pull me out of one in my own driveway. Sucks big time. It was perfect here again today. 😊😊😊

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