I Stepped In A Sub Zero Fridge…

Okay, I’m done… It was fun seeing the snow falling and watching the snow plows doing their job but now it’s freezing and windy. Suffolk County on Long Island was hit hard but so was Passaic County. I’m not complaining but now there is an inch of ice on the stairs of the house.

The schools are still closed today and garbage pick up is on hold. The news people say it will cost 10,000,000 dollars an inch to clean up the snow and we had 12 inches, do the math. Meanwhile, the TV news segments are broken up by commercials for warm San Diego, Florida’s Key West and Scottsdale Arizona. Yeah I could see how a person would want to get the heck out of here.

Even walking down the front five stairs is a hassle. I want to do snow angels with Hunter but I didn’t bring enough warm clothes. My wardrobe has tee shirts, light socks and a hoodie . They say to bundle up head to toe and lay down ice melter but it’s too damn cold to go out to do it. This sound naive but I thought after a snowstorm it magically warms up and the snow miraculously melts… There’s ice everywhere, meanwhile in San Diego at 3:38am it’s probably 65 degrees. This too will pass

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