Snow and More Snow…

The car has four inches on the hood and roof. It took a while to free up the frozen windshield wipers. A simple drive to Home Depot becomes an operation in the snow. The car rental company included an ice scraper and a booklet how to drive in winter weather. 

Chris and I pulled into the Home Depot parking lot, more of a slush lot. A row of shopping carts sat embedded in a mound of snow. The car ended up in a puddle of icy water and without fail, I stepped in it. As we entered the store over the loudspeaker a man’s voice said, “Attention Shoppers, we have all your winter storm products! We have salt, shovels and blowers.” I really can see how a gas blower would be quite handy. 

Now that the storm has passed, it’s going to get quite cold. The neighbor says the layer of snow will turn to ice by tomorrow morning. It didn’t wait for the morning! Try driving with Chris telling me, “You’re a moron for not knowing how to survive in the cold weather.” He teases me but I do the same with him. This too will pass  

3 thoughts on “Snow and More Snow…

  1. It was 1 degree (with the wind chill), when I went to the store today. That’s what happens when it’s not cloudy. And you may not be there for it but the snow turns black around the street and in the lots and it’s yukky. Not the beautiful white stuff you see now. You can’t be expected to know what to do in weather you’ve never had, right?

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  2. My husband has very fond memories of snow activities as a child growing up in Chocago. I guess it’s not all bad but his family moved to Florida to escape when he was 9!

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