The Kindness of Officer 2554

I’m once again driving to Home Depot while listening to the 1010 all news channel. I’m minding my business when all of a sudden there are red and blue flashing lights behind me. I thought to myself, “I was going slow. Who would drive fast in this slush and I didn’t turn on red. Oh no, maybe National reported the car stolen by accident?!” 

The officer gets out of his car and I roll down the window. “Good morning. Do you know why I pulled you over?” I replied, “Actually no but I’m sure you will tell me.” He brushes snow from the roof of the car, he says, “This.”  I swear I thought he was kidding. “It’s illegal to drive around here with snow and ice on the roof of your car.” I laughed. He quickly said, “License and registration.” I replied, “It’s a rental.”

I’m thinking to myself, “Maybe it is illegal?” He comes back to the car and says, “Okay you’re visiting here huh.” “Yeah I bought a house for my son and my grandson up on Highview Drive.” He shook his head and said, “It’s dangerous for snow to be on the roof and hood of your car. Buy a scraper. I replied, “I will.” “Okay I’ll let you go but remember to do it first chance you get.” 

I was driving all the way back to the house thinking, “How can snow on the roof of a car be dangerous. I’ve seen cars with a foot thick of snow on 80 coming back from Tahoe and no one pulls them over!” No wonder people flock to California and leave this winter wonderland.” This too will pass

16 thoughts on “The Kindness of Officer 2554

  1. So, Juan, plenty of beaver coats, boots, mittens, and ready for the snow and ice next time. “Pellets of Fire”? Really? I sometimes wonder about the sanity of the human race. Pour chemicals on the earth and we expect no adverse consequences from doing so. We do melt the snow and ice, but…. Perhaps the image of Grizzly Adams needs to be resurrected as an icon for people who live in the snow regions. Batten down the hatches, shudders, doors when the snow arrives and live in hibernation for a while. Can human beings actually live with themselves and find from that ‘isolation’ and reflection that they love themselves? Too early in the morning for philosophical musings, huh?! Back to my cup of coffee as I listen to the rain pouring down from the skies in northern Cali. No donuts this morning.

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  2. It’s illegal in CT too. Because of you don’t get it off it freezes, then the wind picks it up as a sheet if thick ice and hurls it at the car in back of you. It’s caused serious accidents, broken windshields etc. seems crazy but it really does become dangerous. Another thing I will never have to do again, dug my car out. Lol.

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