The Art Of Snow Shoveling…

Please tell me why my neighbor has no snow on their lawn and on my side there was 10 inches deep in the wet stuff? At least it was totally powdery and light. I did notice one thing, the smart homeowner goes out and shovels the minute the snowstorm stops, the moron such as I waits a day when it becomes hard as rock.

There are many different ice melter products at Home Depot and I’m sure each buyer has their favorite. I don’t even think they sell ice melters at Home Depot near the Firewood Temple. Here windshield scrapers and snow shovels are a way of life, there if I asked for one they would laugh. 

Chris is on his way home from work and I hope he makes it here before I drive his mom to the airport. I got tired of watching the local news so I went outside to shovel a path to the garbage can. It took a good half hour to cut a path.  Now I’ll sprinkle some de-icer on the path I guess…? This too will pass

4 thoughts on “The Art Of Snow Shoveling…

  1. Oh you learn quickly, my friend. When I moved, I gifted the new owners of my house a leftover back of de-icer. When we would get a big storm, like the one New England just had, my son and I would snow blow the driveway a lot, because it’s hard when you have more than say, 8″. Good luck…..

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  2. Sounds like you have yet to experience the joy of going out to shovel after the snow turns to rain. Cold, icy rain down your collar, and wet, incredibly heavy snow and slush on your shovel. You thrown it up the snow bank, and it slides back down onto your boots again. It’s a purgatory.

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