It Comes In Waves…

I’m actually dreading picking up Toonce’s remains. Christ, I can’t even throw out his water and food bowls and litter box. Actually in some form of weird thinking, I wish the plane never lands on Tuesday at 8:56 pst but that would be too easy and why have others perish for my issues? I’m no terrorist and I don’t want to see anyone else hurt for my feline friend…

Let’s see what else is happening, oh yes my daughter and her boyfriend were in what could have been a car accident. They were driving up a hill in an upscale area when his transmission failed and the car careened backwards into a tree and then into a brand new car. Neither of them were hurt, though she was quite upset.

Finally I get to come back to Matt’s issues. He gets out of jail on February 23rd and without any doubt he will have nothing more than the clothes on his back. I might have to drive down there and help him. Trust me, I’m not looking forward to that but who else will help him? His own mother can’t even talk about him without tearing up and madly vacuuming.

During both the easy times and hard times, I look at my right arm and remind myself “This too will pass”

3 thoughts on “It Comes In Waves…

  1. You have a large heart and are a grand man. I congratulate you on still trying with your son. Some would give up after so many years and things happening. Yet you still have the heart to try. How old is your daughter? Glad she is OK. What area where they in and will the boyfriend get sued? Be well. Hugs

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