Ok Now This Is Serious…

Looking out the window I said to myself, “Oh look the snow is melting with the rain!” I put on my loafers and walked out to the car. I softly said in my father’s voice said, ” Mi Flojo Hijo (my lazy son) hadn’t put enough salt on the front stairs!” I walk up to the car and jump in but when I opened the door there’s a weird crunchy sound? I turn on the car and wipers but the blades don’t move? “So this is the ice storm they are talking about.” I softly said. 

It works where I live, so I pressed the windshield wiper fluid button but nothing came out. I cranked up the heater to full blast and sat there. It didn’t seem that cold because my feet weren’t freezing and wet as usual. I got out and took the scraper that came with the car and went to the rear window. Two swipes with the blade side and I said, “This is pointless.” 

When I finally got on the road, I noticed the street looked a lot blacker than usual. Now I’ve heard of patches of black ice and I’ve hit many back home but a street of ice? The 1010 news woman said, “We’re in for a big ice storm starting soon so if you don’t need to be on the road, don’t!” That of course didn’t apply to me. It took 30 minutes to go a half mile to get my iced coffee. What’s their motto, “America lives on Dunkin!”   Or dies… Now a slow drive back… This too will pass

7 thoughts on “Ok Now This Is Serious…

  1. I remember when I was a young man in the army we had a freezing rain. There was a thick sheet of ice everywhere and on everything. Thick. A guy from Georgia wanted to take his car out, go across the base to the mess hall. He looked at me and told everyone I should drive. I told him no. He kept saying I should drive as I was from New England. I again refused. He demanded to know why, had I not driven in snow and ice? I told him something you should now know. There is a huge difference between snow and ice. It doesn’t matter if you have 4X4 drive or how good you are, ice is simply ice, no traction, no steering, no stopping. In your situation you are lucky you couldn’t get washer fluid out, as any liquid on a frozen glass, including car windshield, can easily shatter it. I have seen people try to chip the ice away from the car doors and taking huge pieces of paint off also. Anyway, glad you are safe. Hugs

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