Popo The Clown Wallpaper…

Chris and I will head to Home Depot if the storm lets up. We want to go to the wallcovering  department and ask the first pimple faced employee we see if they carry The John Wayne Gacy Scary Clown Collection wallpaper-border paper for our toddler… Yes, I know murderous clowns aren’t funny but come on, it’s funny…

Roberta got up early on the west coast and had to text me my marching orders for painting Hunter’s room, I asked her if Scary Clown Border would be okay to put up. She’s the same person who put up Mexican Cats with pistols and big mustaches border paper when we had a house in Petaluma.

 Again she told me, “You’e not funny Juan and no one thinks you’re funny so just stop!” I texted her my standard reply, “My mother said I was funny and I painted really well. She would put my painting on her refrigerator!” She told me to focus on what I am doing… This too will pass

12 thoughts on “Popo The Clown Wallpaper…

  1. I must be missing something here. In my mind the parents have the final say in what goes in the child’s room. In fact they have the sway in the entire home. Now I know on my first house some people thought they could tell me or simply give me things they wanted used or displayed. I would remind them it was my home and would be done my way. Thanks for the help or gift but don’t get bossy. I take it your ex wife is really dominating and pushy, insists on her own way all the time and is convinced she is always correct. Hgus

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