Your Delusional Leader…

Who will Donald J. Trump take his case regarding his seven nation ban to now that the ninth appeals court has ruled it unconstitutional? The People’s Court? So said Saturday Night Live, Alec Baldwin was guest host on Saturday Night Live and hit it out of the park playing The Orange One. If Trump’s Presidency wasn’t so sad it would be funny…

A country of the dumbed down people voted for a truly dangerously delusional man who actually thinks 3 to 5 million illegal aliens voted in this last election with no proof it happened. Even his own party can’t and won’t support him on this because they know it’s false.

Once again he called Senator Elizabeth Warren, Pocahontas. He’s called judges who disagreed with him “so called judges” and devalued our judicial system. Even his Supreme Court nominee was offended by his behavior and words. The real problem with Trump is, he’s a charismatic psychopath who will take us down with him. 

I didn’t like either George Bushes but I respected their position but this ass clown will keep going on how he’s the greatest of greatest and the truth is, he’s a moron. Yes, I think if Mr. Trump loses his case in The People’s Court, his next hearing should be in front of Judge Judy. I can hear her say, “Your case is dismissed! What is wrong with you? Goodbye.” This too will pass

10 thoughts on “Your Delusional Leader…

  1. I can’t believe the country elected someone with no experience in public office who was rejected by his own city of residence. Presidents usually carry the city and state they come from, but in this case, they knew him too well. The rest of the country should have listened.

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