I’m ready to cry just writing this, “I’m going to miss my little Hunter and the family!” Here Elena, Hunter and I are at IKEA having a meatball and mashed potato lunch. Hunter is using a fork; a toddler using a fork well! He’s an incredibly smart boy, he takes after his father. Chris has a pulsing brain full of knowledge with a sense of humor. 

John just called and asked if I want to go on a loan opportunity. I said, “Just what I need to make up for all the money I’ve spent this past week.” I have nothing to come home to and I’m tired of the mud at The Firewood Temple. They’re asking for help in the Central Valley which never came back from the last heavy rains. Maybe adventures in Chico and the surrounding area will get me off my lost feline friend. 

Man, the time flew by and have a sense of accomplishment knowing I painted four rooms and a couple of hallways. So far Hunter knows two words: hug and hap–py. I can see it in him that he will be intelligent and hopefully, those around him will like him. This too will pass

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