That’s Not Good!

Chris called me last night and said, “Turn on the TV. Oroville Dam might collapse. They’re evacuating  areas around the dam!” I did as he said and sure enough they did tell everyone to get out, hopefully the dam is intact but there will be a lot of water down river in the coming days. I’ve been there a few times on work loans and I been around that dam. Let me say this, if that dam breaks, it won’t be good!

They are expecting more rain on Thursday and Friday and the California Department of Water is desperately trying to let water out before the next storm. The regular spillway was damaged and now they are being forced to use an emergency spillway which just lets water roll down a hillside… 

If the dam happens to collapse, it will send water down the Feather River into the Sacramento River which inturn will overflow the delta levees, Not Good! I’m not a hydrologist and I don’t even claim to play one on TV but what kind of alternate spillway is one which allows water to erode a hillside beneath a dam? This too will pass

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