Conway Says Buy Ivanna’s Bobbles and Bangles…

If I have to hear this woman spin another story or spew another alternate fact, I’ll scream… “Oh you media people only care about President Trump’s taxes.” A lot of people care and we do want to know what ties he has to Russia. Now the blonde blue eyed ‘whatever’ says to her audience, go out and buy poor Ivanna’s crap after Nordstrom decided to stop selling her trinkets. 

Please tell me you’re also tired of seeing her lying mischievous face telling us how “President Trump respects women.” Well The Orange One does respect women if you think grabbing and assaulting women is respect. I guess she might not being lying on that one. Anyway, Ivanna might just go broke over this loss of business and we should feel sorry for this woman?

So now the ethics committee says Kellyanne Conway’s behavior should be looked into. Somehow telling people from a position of authority to buy The Orange Stalin daughter’s bric-a-brac isn’t appropriate but she’ll lie her way out of her situation and give us that sultry smile of her’s…  (I know what you’re saying by now. “Don’t hold back Juan, tell us what you really think of her.”) 

The pilot just came over and said, “Ah, this is your captain speaking from the flight deck. (If he would be talking to us from the Sky Lounge) We will be departing from the opposite direction and in doing so there will be a 30 minute delay. We’re going to turn off the engines and park at the end of the runway. So sit back and be comfortable.” I’m ready to come over and say, “Ah, You’re talking to a man with a bum prostate..” Nothing worse than bum man parts… This too will pass

7 thoughts on “Conway Says Buy Ivanna’s Bobbles and Bangles…

  1. Good news is the republicans in congress appear to be getting tired of the B.S. , and they are insisting on an investigation into her actions. If he had the smarts god gave a gopher tRump would be backing down and trying to clean up his act. He won’t and will go even deeper into the hole he has dug. Things are fast coming to a head like a big ugly pimple on a teens nose on date night. When this one pops it is going to gush all over the American people worse than a bathroom mirror in a boarding school bathroom. Hugs

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