I don’t get to see many movies due to my weird work and off hours schedule. The only time I really get to see a movie is when I’m on a plane. Again I watched a classic, Anthropoid. A movie about the assassination of Oberreichfuhrur Reinhard Heydrich in 1942 by Czech freedom fighters. Heydrich was a family man often seen skiing and playing violin with his family. When he wasn’t doing that he was killing innocent men women and children by the thousands. Heydrich was known as The Butcher of Prague, a real cold blooded reptile.

The story is simply excellent well told and you care what happens to each of the good guys. The one traitor of the bunch dies a thousand times due to his cowardice. I won’t spoil it for you but as history tells, Heydrich indeed dies but the Germans exact a horrible price for their success. 

Sometimes I wonder to myself if I could withstand such torture that was inflicted on the captured partisans, I just don’t know. Now  we have a leader who thinks torture is just fine. God have mercy on us if torture is to be in America’s tool bag of interrogation methods. Are we any better than the Germans of that time? In the movie, the violin playing son of the female partisan is tortured beyond belief by a sadistic gestapo interrogator. What a living nightmare, I had to turn away and take my ear buds out until it was over. 

I know it was just a movie but thousands died because they killed  Heydrich that morning. Imagine, one man’s death causing a whole town to be razed and it’s people killed plus thousands more murdered in Prague… I’m going to say this again: in 1933 Germany, no thought their country would do what they did. They only believed that their leader would make their country great again…. This too will pass

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  1. I served in two branches of the US Military. When I was in so many years ago we did not torture for three simple reasons. It was not moral, WE did not want us or our people tortured by others, it was illegal. In our training lessons on handling prisoners we always got the legal reasons and requirements, but then they would enforce it with statements like, “Now it is your *fellow sailor / soldier* who is the prisoner, how do you want him handled”? We were trained to always to think of the prisoners welfare as we would want our own people’s welfare treated. Kind puts it into perspective real quick. Hugs

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  2. Greetings furiend- that sounds liked a movie the human wouldn’t be able to watch. Even when she’s reading a book, she skips over those kinds of things, because it sticks with her- then I have to work overtime with purrs and trills to get her mind off it.


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