I Can Count The Drinks On One Hand…

Halfway into the flight it came over, “Everyone, on behalf of Delta and it being Valentine’s Day, everyone is getting chocolates and champagne, I think they said sparkling wine but I don’t drink so it didn’t matter. The flight attendant came by and offered me a mini bottle of the bubbly. I said, “I have a low threshold for alcohol and I don’t want you to have hog tie me and bar me from further flights on Delta.” She smiled and replied, “No we don’t want that.”

You might think I’m joking when I say I can get drunk on one glass of wine but I do. Two glasses and I’m doing the Homer Simpson routine, “You don’t know me! What do you know of me and I don’t know where your money is… Come and get your money. You make me want to retch!” I don’t like to drink and it brings out the worst in people. 

Oh by the way, Happy Valentine’s Day. I had people who loved me but I didn’t appreciate them. If I could do it all over I would but I can’t. So here I sit being given chocolates by a flight attendant who has been told tell their passengers, Happy Valentine Day… I’m not looking for sympathy nor for you to say anything, I did it the old fashion way, I did it to myself… This too will pass

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