Sopranos Revisited…

I happened to watch an episode of The Sopranos season three and I said, “I know that place! That’s the parking lot where Chris and I asked for Baby Taser by Graco!” Then later in the episode a couple of guys rob a concert hall at the Mason Gross School of Art where Chris got his Masters of Arts. We had driven by the infamous Bada Bing Club on the 17 but it was cooler to see other locations where they filmed other scenes…

You can tell that whole area is full of “made guys” trying to squeak out a living, nothing gets done unless everyone gets paid. The construction jobs that would take six months to complete here, well they take years because there are always “union problems.” Don’t get me wrong, I’m a rabid unionist but come on. Since I first went out there, they’ve been building a bridge over one of the rivers near Jersey City. It will be years before that thing is completed. 

The last time Tashi came here with me, I remember that guy standing outside an Italian social club wearing his polyester bowling shirt and smoking a big cigar calling out to Tashi, “Hey Good Looking, how ya doing?” I later asked my realtor if she knew any “made guys.” Her response was, “Ya never know…” I shut my moronic mouth up. I know it’s not said often but I miss New Jersey. This too will pass

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