The Rain Is Returning…

Forecasters say the first of three storms is coming tonight. They’ve  entended our 11 hour days thru Tuesday even before this new batch of storms shows up. Time and a half all day suits me just fine. Hopefully by Monday or Tuesday I get picked up to head north but it’s based on seniority and sometimes 36 years isn’t enough. I need to make up for being off this past week and a couple of days.

I’m still on New Jersey time and of course I was up and ready to start my day at 3am this morning. My first job out the gate was helping a prem tech run a wire across a busy street. I took a look at his extension ladder and said, “Are you married and have children?” “A boy and a girl” He replied. “Well I wonder what their new daddy will say to your children about your death on the job? You must really have a death wish.”

I showed him how to secure the ladder rope correctly and place his ladder safety foot better. He only has six months on his own and they expect him to know all the tricks of the trade in 6 months. “I’ve helped you a few times and I want you to go home to your family. F The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company’s productivity program. Take the time to do it safely. You didn’t climb that unstepped pole did you?” I asked.

He had waited for me to show up. I then attached the wire at the pole and shouted down, “I knew a guy in The City who fell off a ladder and had both of his ankles shattered. He had to crawl around his house like a baby for months or the other guy who fell off a pole and his wife is collecting benefits as we speak. He didn’t test the pole and the pole snapped and crushed him.” We both laughed how The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company’s Safety Wednesday is just a way to indemnify themselves from lawsuits… This too will pass

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