9 Inches In L.A! 

The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company will be distributing some big checks over the coming month. The heavy rain started last night and hasn’t slowed down as of 5:55am. I’m scheduled to work the entire weekend and holiday. T.W.L.T.C has declared an all hands on deck situation in California just in case. I saw on The Weather Channel, the Sierras got 30 feet of snow in one month and I was freaking out seeing 10 inches of snow falling in New Jersey…

If it pours in Los Angeles, they might loan us down there. This rainy season will make up for those 80 hour pay periods during the summer months. The forecasters say Santa Barbara California will get 12 inches of rain over the next few days. I actually would rather be loaned near Oroville just to see the force of the water coming out of that dam spillway. What were those damn, I mean dam, engineers thinking when they designed that emergency spillway…

Rob took these past two weeks to go to Hawaii with his family and won’t back till next week. He worked hard the prior two weeks and took 12,000 dollars home after taxes. I’m older and get tired easier… Well, today will be a wet one and by the end of the day, I’ll be soaked even with my high tech rain gear. This too will pass

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