Executive Order 9066

It was on this date in 1942 that the order was given by FDR to round up all people of Japanese ancestry and send them to internment camps. Just two months before the Japanese Imperial Navy had attacked Pearl Harbor and the rest is history. It only took thirty or more years for our government to say they were sorry for their behavior.

Let’s fast forward to yesterday when The Moron in Chief said, “Everything in our plan was going fine but we got a bad ruling from a bad court, which by the way, has been overturned the most.” (He heard it from Sean Hannity, another moron. It’s not the most overturned Appeals Court, the 6th Court of Appeals is but the truth doesn’t matter with The Orange One.) Anyway, maybe Trump doesn’t remember how the whole round up of our Japanese citizens ended up?

Our friends to the north are taking in the needy and I commend them. “They’re over running our borders!” Those were the words of a Canadian Royal Mounted Police Official recently. Latino people are heading to the Canadian border in droves to escape what is about to happen. Of course, it’s not going to be the blonde and blue eyed person who has overstayed their welcome who Trump is going after, it’s the dark ones like me. 

I wouldn’t mind living in The Switzerland of North America. At least Canada is taking in the needy where Switzerland didn’t take in anyone in distress in the 1930’s. Mark my words, soon shouts of “Schnelle Juden!” will be replaced with “Mexicanos Rapidos!” This too will pass

8 thoughts on “Executive Order 9066

  1. You are spot on and done so eloquently. Even FOX “news” is calling out Trump re his lies, his fabricated “truths”, and his deflecting from his Russian connections during his moronic campaign.

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