Stroke Stroke Stroke…

This morning I got a call from Roberta saying, “Elena says you left painting tools in Hunter’s closet. How could you do such a thing!?” I tried to explain to her that there were no harmful paints in the closet and a child safety doorknob thing was on so he couldn’t have gotten into it. She told me I needed to be more careful and she went on and on… I was going to make a funny comment but I knew it would fall on deaf ears.

I then realized my brain is losing brain cells, I literally had forgot that I had left those tools in the closet. The men on my father’s side tend to have strokes and I sure don’t want one of those. Who wants to have to learn to speak again but if that happens, I’ll put a plastic bag over my head with one of those big black cable tie wraps around my neck. Too gruesome? I know but who wants to be paralyzed and stammering. Really, if I can’t communicate then shoot me.

A few months ago, a tech was found semi-conscious in his truck, he had had a stroke. My father feared going blind, my fear is having a stroke. Knowing my luck, I’ll live till a ripe old age. Oh all right, I ended my beat down with Roberta by saying, “My mother said I was smart. Then she’d make me a glass of Bosco and fresh cookies! Was she lying to me?” She hung up on me… This too will pass

3 thoughts on “Stroke Stroke Stroke…

  1. Oh geez! Some studies say magnesium and omega-3 fish oil can help prevent strokes. I get that fear, though. Alzheimer’s is a major thing on my mom’s side of the family – had an aunt who was diagnosed at 42 – and I live in fear of going through that.

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