What We Saw Today Was Sickening…

I thought I heard him say, “Folks, I’m a charismatic psychopath!” No, of course he didn’t say he was one, just his actions and words let us see his true colors. What was it he said today, “I’m the only President who has done so much in such a short time.” I swear, if he looked in the pond to see his golden locks anymore, he’ll slip and drown.

The Orange Man then spouted a alternative fact but when corrected, he blamed his help for giving him those facts. Of course, it was his disloyal officers who were to blame for him saying he got the most votes. He’s a cunning manipulator, pathological liar and serial charmer.

 Most of his followers are morons thus they are easily charmed, manipulated and lied to. Who in their right mind think he’s stable. Just his words alone, would lead a psychiatrist to say Mr. Trump suffers from a psychopath personality. He will fail in the long run but the question is, how many innocent souls will he take with him. This too will pass

11 thoughts on “What We Saw Today Was Sickening…

  1. You got him pinned, Juan. A full blown narcissist and a pathological liar. He needs to be psychologically evaluated. If he would submit to such a test, he would be committed to some psyche center for a very long time. Perhaps a center in Mexico would be ideal, guarded and operated by the Cartel.

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  2. Can you believe there are people in this country who thought the speech was great?!? That is shocking to me. He sounded unhinged, but some people say that is a good thing and they are glad he went off on the media. Does the media focus on stories that promote better ratings? Yes… Does the media offer opinions…yes… But…hell they are more reliable than this guy who lies so much he doesn’t make a bit of sense. You know that feeling when you see through a pathological liar but they just keep talking and lying anyway? That’s how we feel about him… He lied over 113 times in the three debates. I certainly wouldn’t want information handed to me only from his crazy perspective. He is unhinged and this isn’t a good thing….

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