Home Away From Home…

Here is part of our fleet of tired old trucks. The one on the left is the one I drive. We just heard new trucks will be eventually be phased in but supposedly California’s high emission standards are limiting The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company from leasing any. I like my old truck, with all the dents and dings on it, I can cover a tap of a bumper here and there… 

Last night I got back to the garage late and took residence on the break room couch. No one knew the better and what could they say.  ? The shower facilities worked just fine and having the basket of clean laundry in the back of the car really worked out perfectly. Until it stops raining, I’m inclined to live here. There’s nothing more depressing than driving in the pouring rain and then walking down that steep muddy road to a dark RV… 

The Company took names for the work loan to the Sierras but now with the rain in the Bay Area, we aren’t going anywhere soon. Now with the massive storm hitting Santa Barbara, they say when we clear things up here, we might be sent there. Now that is an awesome loan opportunity! Maybe Toonce’s death gave me a bit of PTSD and the RV symbolizes pain? This too will pass 

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