My Life Is Quite Rainy Right Now…

It rained all day yesterday and I was out in it but so was everyone else in the crew. The entire day had me helping those without ladder trucks. It wasn’t the rain that was bad as much as the wind was. Mr. Sexappeal called and asked me to boom up and tie down a drop; as soon as I finished that task, Ed called asking for help running a drop across a busy street near high voltage power. 

The news kept saying how LA was being hit hard by the latest storm. Meanwhile I’m assisting guys I don’t usually help. For the first time I helped Les. This brother is a body conscious man who drinks horrible looking power health drinks in the morning that look quite frankly like septic tank black water. He claims to have a BMI of some incredibly low number. You know the weather is bad if he needs help. His arms are pure muscle so he climbs poles religiously, rain or shine.

Without a cat to come home to, I decided to sleep on the breakroom couch last night. I didn’t feel like driving north and then turn around to come back for today’s round of fun. Some of you might be saying, “What kind of life is that? Sleeping on a couch!” I know but since Toonce’s death, why drive 45 minutes in the pouring rain. 

CalTrans still has Highway 37 closed so I would need to make my way up to Petaluma and then over Sonoma Mountain to homebase. When Rob returns, I’ll go back to the routine. Well it’s only going to shower on and off today so work won’t be too wet. Tomorrow a level three storm is showing up and hanging around till Monday, that will be fun but on double time and a half, I won’t complain. That too will pass

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