Another Night of The Long Knives? 

It was in June 1934 when those who were perceived to be threats to The New Germany were hunted down and shot. The media was told to report it as, a coup had been attempted and the traitors uncovered. Those newspapers who the dictator approved of did as told, soon news agencies such as CNN, MSNBC, ABC were closed down. Oops, I had a brain fart. The dictator kept telling his flock that “The Media is an enemy of the German People.” 

Senator John McCain and Lindsey Graham has a target on him whether he knows it or not. Soon with most of the press stifled and Fox and Friends will be our only source of news and we too will be living under a dictatorship. I don’t even believe the dictator of the 1930’s thought of getting re-elected a month after he started his chancellor term. I thought things wouldn’t develop as fast but here we are. This too will pass

6 thoughts on “Another Night of The Long Knives? 

  1. It may pass but it will take decades to recover from. slim as it is our only hope is to keep the resistance going and enthusiastic until the 2018 elections. Then we must get as many dems in office as possible. Right now few republicans will challenge tRump because they fear the base supporters who vote in primaries. They will push to make more crazy stuff normal, going farther out over the edge. The only slow down to them is the public. As soon as the public is to tired, too stunned, or proven to be no match for the supporters, then they will have nothing holding them back. Look they went for a week publicly ignoring four court orders to stop what they were doing. Democratic lawmakers were ignored and humiliated by departments that answered to congress. If they don’t care about honoring the court, the court has no police power, then what is to stop them? We should understand they have all the cards right now, we can only delay , obstruct, and voice our displeasure. We have to make it painful to them, that requires the news organizations. WE must not let him shut them down. I personally heard last week at a dinner people claim that only one news source in the world was true, the propaganda fox news. Those people believed that. No way to change their minds. And they vote. Well you already knew all this, thanks for letting me rant, I needed a good political rant this morning. Hugs

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