Be Careful of What You Ask For…

The next storm is on its way and they say it will bring 6 inches of rain over the next 24 hours. Highway 37 back to The Firewood Temple is still under water from the storm before last storm and I think CalTrans has just given up trying to reopening it. Yesterday during my work travels, I came upon a group of CalTrans official surveying a massive landslide off of Interstate 580. The ivy covered hill was slumping towards the freeway exit ramp with nothing stopping it…

How much more run off can the Russian River handle, I’m sure the sea lions that lay where the river meets the ocean are tired of it. Well actually they go with the flow… They don’t mind it, infact maybe a flooded river brings more sea lion yums to them, less work fishing. The forecasters say the Napa River will flood and without fail the barren vineyards will be inundated until spring arrives.

I’ll be earning my money today and tomorrow with this latest storm. Today starts another pay period and as long as those technicians from out of state are in California, our evening crew gets to start 3 hours before our shift. By starting three hours before our shift means time and a half all day. David S. came in and said, “I don’t mind making 64 something an hour.” Ed and I replied, “We’re not complaining.” 

For five years California was in a drought. The reservoirs were dry and the rivers barely flowed. There’s so much water everywhere there’s nowhere to put it! The usually dry Yolo Causeway under Interstate 80 is now ten feet deep in water. Over the next 24 hours, we are about to once again get hammered by Mother Nature. This too will pass

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