This Is A Somali Peet’s Mister…

I couldn’t quite capture the clientele of this Peet’s at 51st and Shattuck in this picture but if Trump has his way, this Peet’s will be shuttered due to most of their customers being deported. Now it’s been learned that Trump wants to call out the National Guard to help out the way they did the last time there were round ups. I find it interesting that it was 45 years ago today when Japanese-Americans on the West Coast began to be rounded up and sent off to internment camps inland. 

The Orange One in The White House doesn’t remember history. I sometimes wonder why German-Americans were never rounded up. Hmmm, go figure. I bet is was their hard work ethics that FDR admired in the average German-American citizen, it couldn’t have been their skin color!? I better be more like them though us Mexican-Americans tend to be lazy. I only work an average seven days a week 11 hour days, I better pick up my work ethic. Damn us lazy Mexicans. 
What executive order will be unveiled this coming week by the Reichfuhrer? Instead of a Yellow Star of David, will it be a brown sombrero or a Star and Crescent Moon for our “other” brown friends. Tell me it’s not my fault I tend to look a bit dark, I blame it on my mother messing with a man of impure blood. You know, the kind of guy who took siestas and danced while drinking tequila and dancing La Cucaracha because that’s what us Mexicans do. Right?! This too will pass

8 thoughts on “This Is A Somali Peet’s Mister…

  1. Oh, for the good old days of shame! The fascist pig and his government would love to post these kinds of signs all over the USA to “Make America Great Again” with shame.

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  2. Ah, well did you not tell me you were darker than me because you spend your time outside fixing things for 11 or more hours a day while I spend all my day inside with my nose in electronic devices that tell me stories? I thought that was what you said. So just like spend more type inside playing video games. Anyway I would love to tell you to work more right after I wake up from my afternoon nap. I had to wake up early this morning at 8 AM, then suffered through having to raise from bed at 9:30 AM. Dang inconvenient for me. Now that I am safe, dry, and comfortable in sunny Florida I have to listen to you whine about a little rain and wind in some far away place. Is it near the U.S.? OK gotta run, it is nearly 20 feet to the bathroom and I would rather not rush. 🙂

    Juan I wish I could tell you not to worry. I wish I could tell you it will be OK. Truth is I can’t. I am worried myself. Stereotypes hurt, I know. I wish you the best. Hugs

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