Disneyland 2017

I’ve never been a fan of Disney’s Mouseland but Tashi asked me to take her there for her 24th birthday; so we are going to hit the highway on Thursday, spend the day there on Friday and head back on Saturday. Last time we went to the Southland it was a disaster. It will be just me and her, kind of a father daughter road trip…

Tashi texted me saying, “Can we get a twelve dollar churro?” I replied, “No! Only a 45 dollar bottle of water water and a 60 dollar plush snowflake with a smiley face.” I really want to take Hunter to Disneyland but I don’t have a  snowballs chance in hell. Roberta probably already has tickets already on order. 

Good old California Disneyland where nothing isn’t for sale and the Starbucks is packed from the moment the park opens till it closes. The line to the cashier snakes around like the lines at Thunder Mountian and The Tea Cups. A sign reads, “Your wait time from this point is…” For a cup of coffee? This too will pass 

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