It’s Monsoon Season…

If I hadn’t been scheduled to work today, I would be in a barren RV watching the rain fall and wondering when it will stop. I knew winter would be once again tough at The Firewood Temple but there is no let up to this incessant rain. I drove back up last night and just avoided the true downpour. What did I come home to? The sound of pounding rain on the roof  that can drive a sane man mad.

The weather people are saying to be prepared for wind gusts of 50 miles an hour and heavy rain. Even though it’s a holiday today, I left The Firewood Temple at 4am, not to beat the traffic but to get back to civilization and right now civilization is a Starbucks. I don’t talk to anyone and mind my own business but at least the people around me give me a sense that I’m part of a herd. 

Spring, Summer and Fall at The Firewood Temple is nice but quite frankly, stepping into Winter’s mud the moment I get up is beyond demoralizing. I have no desire to head there. WithoutToonce there, what do I have? I know it sounds weird but I grieve for him more than I grieved for a human besides one… The sad thing is she couldn’t have cared less. 

Oh wonderful, as I sit here, it just started pouring. It’s not that I’m depressed but this steady rain can let out the dark clouds from one’s heart. If money was everything, I shouldn’t complain at 106 dollars an hour, working 11 hours out in that mess but it’s not what you make, it’s what you keep and I keep little. So today, my team of regulars will be calling for my assistance throughout the day due to the heavy rain. No one wants to climb poles in a storm… this too will pass

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