Flood Warnings and Depression

It’s hard to stay upbeat and happy in this constant rain, so with the points I earned from Delta, I booked my next visit back to New Jersey. I want to see Hunter and Company and I want to paint the kitchen, dining room and finish Hunter’s bedroom. This time I’ll remember to bring my warm snow boots and find some warm gloves.

Last night I peeled off my soggy clothes and threw my rain gear on the ground and yelled, “You worthless piece of…” Dave and Steve saw what I did and also yelled, “You’re useless!” We spend all this money on quality rain gear and we end up soaked. Anyway, on the last week of March, I’m eastward bound…

This depression isn’t going to resolved with drugs or therapy, it’s going to lighten up with days of sunshine and warmth. Who can be happy when you open your tool bin and everything is rusted shut and your meters aren’t working due to water getting into them. I called John, “Hey Big Guy, my Sidekick meter is shorted out. Do you have a spare I can use?” He replies, “No! You need to keep yours dry.” I could have been hit with a charge of insubordination but I replied, “It’s pouring John. I’ll just sit in my truck until it stops.” He found me a replacement…  too will pass

3 thoughts on “Flood Warnings and Depression

  1. Now you know why everyone is Chicago is miserable. NO SUN AT ALL. This February has been amazing, however, and we are happy. It’s warm but CLOUDY and no light drives us all crazy. Maybe you should move to New Jersey. You would have to put up with terrible weather but you would be by the kids.

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