Rain, Wind and Trees…

John called and said, “Hey big guy. I want you to go up to Skyline and check out this fallen tree. Call me back to see if I need construction out there.” I did as I was told. I pulled up to the Road Closed sign in the Oakland Hills and slowly drove to where a fleet of PG&E trucks were parked. 

Water and wind had caused a landslide which in turn had cause this young thicket of Eucs to fall over on to PG&E and our strand. Thankfully the tree slowly keeled over because it appears as if our cable had supported it on the way down. A Davey’s Tree Service crew was waiting to get the okay to start cutting it.  I have such big truck envy, it’s ridiculous. The PG&E crew all were chewing tobacco and spitting. I find most of those guys are barely social to us. One guy said, “Nice truck you got there.” His coworkers snickered. Ok my truck is old and tired and The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company uses their trucks until they can barely run but mine still works and I can still get it up to the strand… This too will pass

4 thoughts on “Rain, Wind and Trees…

  1. I think you don’t need to have truck envy. How many of their trucks will work as well as yours when they have as many miles as your does? How will theirs hold up to the strains yours has faced? Are you the only one who normally drives yours or is it shared with someone on the other shift? Hey the house(s) on the top of the hill are nice looking. I hope what ever is up there doesn’t end up down on that road. Hugs

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    • No one drives mine unless I’m on vacation… We have bigger cable trucks and little trucks but as a bear once said. “Mine was just right!” My truck has 87059 and other than it leaking, it’s dependable. PG&E gets money from the California Public Utility Commission… To buy new trucks

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